The ICE GENESIS project is being carried out by a consortium (led by AIRBUS OPERATION SAS) made up of 30 EU and non-EU partners from 9 countries (France, Austria, Italy, UK, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada and Japan).

Each ICE GENESIS partner offers the multi-disciplinary expertise which is required in order to impact the aeronautical sector and to provide the expertise needed to meet the expectations from the participants, the industry and the European Commission.

IAG Industrie Automatisierungsgesellschaft m.b.H

IAG Industrie Automatisierungsgesellschaft m.b.H. - family owned, was founded in 1986. IAG is active in different branches of business lines such as supplier chain automotive, snowmaking, FTIR Analysers for R&D and special purpose machinery. The responsible department for the Project is the division snow making technology with the Brand “SnowIndustries”. In this business line we are active now since more than 10 Years and for some products we are also the exclusive producer for our partner SnowBOX. IAG developed a full automatic snow gun and perfected different systems for Indoor Snowmaking. The newest development is the SnowFALL technology.

Role in the project

The IAG Division Snow Industries of IAG is providing snowmaking 365 days from one source and offering worldwide different snowmaking systems for R&D and commerce and is integrated WP7 – Snow Test capability.
With the technology SnowFALL, IAG made first 3D measurements with FH Joanneum at RTA Vienna which showed that the flakes of this technology are very close to nature snowflakes.
Based to the requirements of RTA and AIRBUS, IAG build a prototype with downscaled values for Indoor snowmaking. This Prototype will be scalable up to the reproducible requirements which are needed for tests in big Climatic Wind Tunnels like the RTA in Vienna. The Prototype will be integrated in the Climatic Wind Tunnel of RTA.