The ICE GENESIS project is being carried out by a consortium (led by AIRBUS OPERATION SAS) made up of 30 EU and non-EU partners from 9 countries (France, Austria, Italy, UK, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada and Japan).

Each ICE GENESIS partner offers the multi-disciplinary expertise which is required in order to impact the aeronautical sector and to provide the expertise needed to meet the expectations from the participants, the industry and the European Commission.

LIEBHERR Aerospace Toulouse SAS

LIEBHERR Aerospace Toulouse SAS, based in Toulouse, France, develops, manufactures and services air management systems for the aerospace industry: air sampling, air conditioning, cabin pressurization, wing and nacelle ice protection and electronics cooling. LIEBHERR systems are on board of many aircraft programs: commercial transport aircraft, commuter and regional aircraft, business jets, fighters, military transport, trainer aircraft as well as civil and military helicopters
LIEBHERR is working on Ice Protection Systems topics for more than twenty years and has a strong R&T focus on the improvement of this technology in order to support future More Electrical Aircraft (MEA :i.e. non-propulsive energy bleed-less aircrafts) or short term “local” MEA technologies applications for incremental development.
LIEBHERR is particularly focused on architecture system design, control and monitoring, performance evaluation, safety, reliability and maintainability analyses, integration and system testing.

Role in the project

LIEBHR will take part to the following activities:
• WP3 Consolidation of Specifications and Test plans: LIEBHR will work on the test plans related to the 2D wing test to be performed in AppO conditions at MINDEF IWT.
• WP8 Wind tunnel tests for liquid icing and snow conditions - mock-up manufacturing, performance and data base generation: LIEBHR will conduct activities together with SONACA at MINDEF to support the consolidation of the 2D test data base in AppO. LIEBHR will provide Power Electronics system necessary to supply the heating materials in the wing.