The ICE GENESIS project is being carried out by a consortium (led by AIRBUS OPERATION SAS) made up of 36 EU and non-EU partners from 10 countries (France, Austria, Italy, UK, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia, Canada and Japan).

Each ICE GENESIS partner offers the multi-disciplinary expertise which is required in order to impact the aeronautical sector and to provide the expertise needed to meet the expectations from the participants, the industry and the European Commission.


MIPT is one of the leading Russian universities in the areas of physics and technology. The university holds a reputable position in the country and abroad in qualified graduate training and university research. The Department of aeromechanics and flight engineering prepares students for professional positions in the aerospace industry, government, and business by offering an intensive curriculum merged with cutting-edge research at Russia’s renowned Air Industry Cluster. Our program and research mostly focus on aeromechanics, control, propulsion and engineering problems of aircraft.

Role in the project

The Institute's laboratories have extensive experience in writing software for modelling complex physical processes. Modelling strength, aerodynamics, thermodynamics, icing processes are one of the main vectors of the development of the activity of collectives of the faculty. All the accumulated experience in modelling and writing the relevant software will be used when working in WP9, WP10 and WP11.