The ICE GENESIS project is being carried out by a consortium (led by AIRBUS OPERATION SAS) made up of 30 EU and non-EU partners from 9 countries (France, Austria, Italy, UK, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada and Japan).

Each ICE GENESIS partner offers the multi-disciplinary expertise which is required in order to impact the aeronautical sector and to provide the expertise needed to meet the expectations from the participants, the industry and the European Commission.


Rolls-Royce is a global company, providing integrated power solutions for customers in civil and defence aerospace, marine and energy markets. A consistent, long-term strategy has seen revenue double and underlying profit increase more than five times in the last decade. It is one of the world’s largest civil aero-engine providers with more than 12,500 engines in service powering 30 civil aircraft types. It is the world's second largest defence aero-engine manufacturer, with 18,000 engines in service, providing around 25% of the world's military engines covering the transport, combat, patrol, trainers, helicopter and, unmanned vehicle sectors. It is also a global leader in power systems with more than 800,000 power and propulsion system units for customers across the marine, industrial, oil & gas, defence and power generation markets.

Role in the project

WP3 will be focussed on the specification of a test article and associated testing, and WP11 will validate the models created in ICE-GENESIS using Rolls-Royce’s 3D CFD toolset against test conditions representative of aero engine operation. RR will actively work with other OEMs and research organisations to define the required accuracies, ranges to be covered and test data required in a 3D modelling application. The ICE-GENESIS models will be implemented for the study of ice accretion in Appendix C conditions and snow behaviour in aeronautical gas turbine engines in RR’s in-house CFD suite.