The ICE GENESIS project is being carried out by a consortium (led by AIRBUS OPERATION SAS) made up of 30 EU and non-EU partners from 9 countries (France, Austria, Italy, UK, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada and Japan).

Each ICE GENESIS partner offers the multi-disciplinary expertise which is required in order to impact the aeronautical sector and to provide the expertise needed to meet the expectations from the participants, the industry and the European Commission.

Société Nationale de Construction Aérospatiale SA

Sonaca Group is a global Belgian company active in the development, manufacturing, and assembly of advanced structures for civil, military, and space markets. The group is especially known for its wing movables expertise where it is regarded the world leader serving most of the primes and with a market share of over 50%. It has production facilities in Europe, North-America, South-America and China and employs over 4500 people. Our experience, expertise and strong quality track record enable us to maintain long-lasting partnership-like development and production relations with our customers. In response to strong demand from our customers, Sonaca Group today also supplies engineering services.
Sonaca is the main source for Wing Leading Edge Moveables for the European aircraft manufacturers and has developed over thirty years of experience in developing and manufacturing this type of products.

Role in the project

SONACA will take part to the following activities:
• Specification of test capability requirements for App O, I WT test plan and test follow-up for liquid icing conditions (WP3)
• Test Specimens Specification, Design and Manufacturing (WP8)): To size and certify Ice Protection System, SONACA have manufactured wing leading edge mock-ups and conducted 5 EWIPS test campaigns in Icing Wind Tunnel over the past 10 years (large and small sections in Europe and North America)
• Validation of App C numerical capability in industrial environment (T11.1) and Validation of App O numerical capability in industrial environment (T11.2): SONACA system engineers, supported by the numerical method group and research institutes, develop and validate new numerical capabilities embedded in in-house icing codes. Such tools have been involved in sizing/certification process of several Ice Protection System integrated in Metallic or Composite Structures.