The SENS4ICE Project 

It has been proven that certain types of aircraft which are not robust against supercooled large droplets (SLD) as ice can form on unprotected areas of the lifting surfaces leading to loss of control. This has caused tragic accidents over the last three decades. To address these safety concerns, authorities issued new certification rules to ensure that future aircraft remain controllable in these conditions and can exit safely upon detection.
SENS4ICE directly addresses this need for reliable detection and discrimination of icing conditions. The project will address the development, test, validation, and maturation of the different detection principles, the hybridisation - in close cooperation with regulators to provide an acceptable means of compliance - and the final airborne demonstration of technology capabilities in relevant natural icing conditions.

The MUSIC-haic Project

The MUSIC-haic project is a research and innovation action funded by the EU through the H2020 programme which aims to build on past research projects and existing multi-disciplinary tools to provide the aeronautic industry with an Ice Crystal Icing (ICI) numerical capability usable for both design and certification purposes.

MUSIC-HAIC will complete the development of ICI models, implement them in existing industrial 3D multi-disciplinary tools, and perform extensive validation of the new ICI numerical capability through comparison of numerical results with both academic and industrial experimental data.

Project Partners